About Us

Black Magic Tan UK is a privately owned organisation that prides itself on pursuing excellence. Our strong commitment to this philosophy has built a large and loyal customer base and product approval by tens of thousands of happy consumers who simply love their tan.

We are proud to be the exclusive distributors for the UK and Europe (excluding Ireland and Sweden) 

Our product focus is on selling innovative tanning solutions that continue to improve the user experience. This focus has been instrumental in building our credibility within the tanning and beauty industry.

It is the characteristics of our formulas which make each range unique. Clients will receive a different experience and tone depending on which product they use and their skin type.

Our Black Magic collection contains 3 ranges: Vibe, Argan, Competition and a niche product Pure Magic which was created for those clients wanting the most natural experience possible.

We sell self-tan products and high quality tanning equipment.

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