Magic Tan Mousse - Medium

Magic Tan - Medium 

Experience the fantastic colour, feel and finish of a Black Magic Professional Tan in an easy to apply self-tanning mousse.

That Subtle Natural Tan!, super easy to apply, fast drying using a green base. Infused with Witch Hazel, Anti-Aging Green Tea Extract, Hydrating Aloe Vera and Wattle Seeds, for a beautiful, streak free tan that looks and feels fantastic on the skin.

This mousse is best suited to medium to Light skin tones

Keeping it simple - Nothing Nasty 

  • Our Professional Tanning solution in a Mousse 
  • Looks completely natural , not like an Oompa Loompa 
  • Doesn't smell like a biscuit factory 
  • Fast drying and develops best when left on for 8 hours 
  • Makes you look and feel fantastic
  • Super easy to apply (even a man can do it) 
  • Streak free 
  • Eco & Vegan friendly
  • No parabens
  • No alcohol 
  • Has never and will never be tested on animals
  • Hydrates and moisturises
  • 100% Natural DHA 


For a perfect tan exfoliate well prior to use and apply to clean dry skin.
Moisturise dry affected areas such heels, knees and elbows. Pump mousse onto the application mitt then using a circular motion apply evenly.
Skin should be touch dry before dressing.

Development Time:

2-8 hours depending on skin type.
Upon Completion of Development Time: Take a warm shower, lightly pat skin dry.
NB: the colour of your tan will be fully evident after 12 hours.
Post Development: It is recommended after 12 hours you moisturise twice daily for beautiful glowing skin.

* Application Mitt / Application Glove not included.