How to Self Tan

The key to self tanning or any tanning is exfoliation, the best way to exfoliate and to look after your skin in general is to buy some cheap exfoliating gloves and use them all over your body every other day, no need for excessive scrubbing.  If you have tan left on from a previous tan our Tan Remover Mousse can be applied to the area and left on for 5 minutes and then removed with scrubbing mitts. Make sure that you do the v area around the crease of your arm, as this is a bit people tend to forget about and tan will go darker there due to a build up, or it wont tan there due to oil and sweat acting as a barrier. Other areas to do are hands, elbows, knees and feet.

Some people say that you should exfoliate a good 12 hours before but if you have been warm and doing jobs around the house, I would suggest jumping in the shower an hour before tanning and gently use the mitts with simple shower gel to remove any oils on the skin, do not have a really hot shower, just a warm one and if you can rinse with cool water.  Shaving should be done 12 hours before, however if you feel like you have shaved and your hair has grown again in minutes I would suggest you shave the day after or the day of your special occasion.

Before you tan I would use our Nourish moisturiser on hands, elbows, knees, feet face and any dry areas you have make sure its rubbed in completely, another one that I would suggest is the Childs Farm sensitive skin moisturiser as it contains no oils or shea butter.


You can either tan with a mitt or you can use Vinyl gloves, I like using both.

Start with your face make sure that you apply the mousse all over and rub it in, do not forget to do your ears and behind them when you do your neck.

Go onto your chest and cover where you can see - (leave hands until the end) put your arm up in the air and do under your arms and down the inside.  When you do your elbow be sure to bend it to get in the creases.  work your way around the body again bending the knees when you tan them. You will have to get someone to do your back if you cannot reach, or Bronzie do a back tanning mitt.

When you come to your feet, pull your heel down to get in the creases and go over each toe and in between each toe, blend down the sides of the feet, just keep applying small amounts, your feet shouldn't be too dark if they are darker than your legs they will go too dark so be careful.

Lastly hands, apply some more moisturiser and apply small amounts but go over each finger and thumb and in between each finger and thumb, then blend around the wrist area only a small amount should be applied there.

Leave on for 2-8 hours depending on how dark you want to go, then rinse off.  Do not use any moisturiser or shower gel for 8-12 hours whilst the tan fully develops. 

Nourish should be applied daily, and try to just wash bits and pits for a couple of days as shower gel can strip the tan, although Simple is fine.  Start gently exfoliating 3/4 days after your tan to make sure it comes off evenly.