Self Tan v Sunbed

Self-tan is becoming even more popular with the rise in awareness of the harm that sunbeds can do not only with the most obvious skin cancer, but also with people wanting to look younger and realising that sunbeds damage the collagen in the skin and bring on premature aging.

With the amazing ingredients that are found in tan brands now, including green tea (antioxidants for the skin) Wattle seed hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, argan oil has numerous benefits to the skin and hair and Cacao extract is fantastic antioxidant and helps soothe eczema and other skin conditions.

The benefits of self tanning far outweigh the benefits of using sunbeds.


Self Tan

Beautiful colour within 2-8 hours

When using a superior tan product such as Black Magic, you are giving you skin hydration and nourishment, you are also only applying natural and organic products on to the skin, although this does depend on the solution you are using.

Lasts a good 5/7 days, longer if looked after correctly

Promotes good skincare due to preparation and maintenance of the tan.

Tans can be contoured to allow you to appear slimmer or have more muscle definition.


Give you a colour that admittedly does last longer, but only by going on the sunbed a lot

To be truthful that is the only benefit that I can give you for a sunbed, people will argue that it heals skin conditions and maybe it seems like it can, but most skin conditions come from inside out, so diet is the first thing that should be looked at there, for spots, acne going on the sunbeds too much can cause you to have acne because it dries your skin out too much.

It damages and breaks down collagen meaning you look older and will get more wrinkles, its dry’s the skin, can cause pigmentation and as mentioned before cancer.

Self Tanning can sometimes have a bad rep due to it not being applied correctly not exfoliating, or using cheap solution that doesn't last and goes orange. If you use a good quality tan that uses natural ingredients and organic DHA your tan will last and be good for your skin in the process.

We absolutely adore self tanning and get such a buzz with all the comments of people thinking that it is a real tan, no streaks, colour was perfect, only had to leave on for 2 hours before being washed off, no smell.