Tanning Myths

Tans help with cellulite and anti-ageing


The only way to get rid of cellulite is to reduce the fatty tissue within the body either by building muscle mass or losing weight and having a lower body fat percentage. Some creams can improve the appearance of your skin which is tightening the skin and therefore makes it look better. However, these creams would need to be used twice a day every day.
So if you are applying self-tan that has ‘anti-cellulite’ properties you would need to be applying tan to the area twice a day, therefore, you would have an extremely dark tan and in patches unless you do your whole body.
Anti-ageing again same as above you would need to be applying the cream/lotion morning and night, again you can not apply the tan that many time to your face. However, a facial tanner that is very light that has anti-ageing ingredients in it could be applied every night and a DHA free cream applied in the morning. Anti-ageing cream ingredients will also mean that if you use it on top of a tan it won’t last very long (hands and face will only last 2/3 days with a tan anyway) as the ingredients gently remove dead skin cells.
Self tans can help you to lose weight
Green tea which is found in a majority of fake tans is an ingredient that can help with fat loss but again only if it is applied twice a day. Tanned skin always makes you look slimmer and skin look better. So when choosing a self-tan be kind to your skin and buy one that has natural DHA in there and uses natural ingredients. Tans nowadays don’t need to smell of biscuits, if they do when it’s applied more than likely they are using a synthetic DHA and not natural ingredients, those tans also a tendency to look orange.
You can have a tan in 10 seconds/minutes
You cannot get a tan in 10 seconds/minutes, the self-tan you apply may take you 10 seconds/minutes to apply however it takes a full 12 hours for a tan to fully come out. Our own tan you can leave on for as little as 1 hour, that comes from having a more concentrated DHA allowing it to work faster so that you can rinse off the guide colour in an hour or two, however you will be only very lightly tanned when you rinse it off and it will keep developing over the next 8/10 hours. This happens with them all. If it is a very light water tan you can apply that and leave on all day which won’t go very dark as it will have either no guide colour or a very light guide colour so that you will look ok all day and the colour will build.
A dark tan will make you super dark
True - well kind of
If you have a dark skin tone you will go very dark with a dark tan. If you don’t yes it will make you darker but you are not going to go from Casper the ghost to look like you have been away for a month, if we gave 4 people of all different skin tones the exact same tan then they would all look different some will be darker than others. Tans will only go to your own skin tone, the only way to make it darker is to do 1 application leave it on and wash off as usual and then apply another coat the day after. Remember though the darker the tan the more obvious it is when it’s coming off pale skin.
You can make yourself super dark by putting 2/3 layers of tan on at the first application
Whether it’s a spray tan or self-tan you will only go as dark as your first coat. The extra tan on top will just sit on the top of your skin and go all over your clothes and sheets. Admittedly you need to apply a good coat of tan if your spray tan artist stands a good 2 foot away she will need to do you two coats, she should be stood 6-8 inches away and spray a good most that don’t drip and will be dry within a couple of minutes of the tan being finished.